Here’s a blog I meant to write ages ago…

…pretty much from the day I met the men currently at the helm of Maxon’s sweets. A couple of spice bag designs later, it’s about time I shouted about this wonderful local business.




I write this not because they pay me to produce packaging designs, I write it because I believe they deserve to be shouted about. They’re a humble lot who don’t do enough shouting themselves – so I’m going to bloody well do it for them!

Maxons are based just off Chesterfield Road at Heeley Bottom – their factory is a good size but is hidden from view, nestled behind the shops – just around the corner from Pondsfords . Thousands of Sheffielders pass it daily but non will even notice it’s there. Truth is, not too many will have even heard of Maxons. This is a crying shame because I can absolutely guarantee that, if you grew up in or around Sheffield, you’ll have eaten their wares by the bucket full.




Those Jars of spice you get in newsagents? Yep. Round here at least, they’re pretty much all made by Maxons. They’ve been around since 1880 and are currently run by the fifth generation of the founding family. They are what growing up in Sheffield tasted like. Chances are you lost at least one of your teeth to some Maxon’s bonfire toffee!

Much like the black liquid we care so much about they’re a company that has traditionally operated only locally. The guys at the helm now though are spreading their wings and are now supplying the big supermarkets and convenience stores – hence the bag designs!

So this is a call to arms. Just as we champion the black stuff, we must do so with Maxons. For they too are a local institution and they deserve the support of the city folk in the same way that Henderson’s does. No self-respecting Sheffielder would be caught dead with a bottle of Worcester Sauce in the cupboard and so you should also be ashamed if that bag of spice in your car isn’t Maxons!

You can start by following them on twitter @maxonssweets