It feels like an age since I posted any kind of news, update or blog so I thought it about time I did so…

In the time around and since christmas I seem to have collected a few commissions for, or on behalf of, professional sportsmen which I’d like to share with you.

The first one was commissioned by a friend of retired England cricket captain Michael Vaughan as a 40th birthday gift. They visited London and took a speedboat down the Thames and wanted something linked to that – the piece also took in Michael’s favourite things so, yes, that is a Wednesday shirt!


Michael Vaughan

Just after x-mas, Andrew Gale – Yorkshire CCC Captain – caught sight of my ‘Captain Yorkshire’ painting which was purchased by a friend of his – here’s a special version I put together for him on the back of that…


Captain Yorkshire - Andrew Gale

Moving away from cricket and back into my comfort zone of football related artworks – I put together this piece as a commemoration of Gary Cahill’s first outing as England captain. It was commissioned by his brother in law but as an old school friend of Gary’s it was nice to be able to put something together for him.

Gary Cahill - England Captain

So, short and sweet, but my ‘must update my blog’ guilt has been aleviated for now….

Over and out.