I saw a post somewhere recently that said.. “There are 12 days of Christmas. None of which are in f*****g November”

I would be inclined to agree with that. I’m not really one for starting Christmas too early; Unlike Mrs Prest who would happily have the decorations up next week and has already started her shopping…

…which brings me on to my point. Christmas is, understandably, a busy period for us and every year I run around with my hair on fire trying to cram in the commissions, paintings, print orders & xmas card designs.


In order to try and tempt you in early, there is currently 20% off ALL prints online. This will end of 1st December at which point they’ll jump back up to full whack. I’m hoping this teases you all out from the same rock I’m sat under that has ‘ITS NOT BLOODY CHRISTMAS YET’ etched atop it.


Clicky here to delve into my online print shop – orders can be signed to the recipients if its a gift, just stick a request to do so in the comments section at the checkout.

Merry November.