A few months ago our family was rocked by a diagnosis – it is for that reason that I am supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK’s ‘Call Everyone Dave Day’ on Monday 8th February.

Dave Day is a daft event where all involved change their name to Dave. There is reason to this madness – 8th Feb is the birthday of Roger Lloyd Pack. Roger played Trigger (‘Alright Dave!’) in only fools and horses and tragically died of pancreatic cancer, so Dave Day is a nod to his comic legacy. Click here for more info about Dave Day





So… whats occuring?

  • Part of Dave Day is #DrawingDave so I will be spending the day drawing Dave’s and nominating others to get involved (ice bucket challenge stylee) – so keep an eye on my social media feeds for terrible, faceless pictures of famous Dave’s.
  • I will also be changing my name to Dave for the day and fining anybody who refers to me as Luke.
  • 100% of the profits from any prints or trinkets bought through my website on Dave Day (8th Feb 2016) will be donated to the cause. 
  • I shall be driving my fundraising efforts from the WCEC office where my colleagues are baking cakes, changing their name to Dave and helping raise money.

You can throw a few pounds in the fundraising cyber bucket here; https://www.justgiving.com/lukeprest/

You can also donate by texting LPDD86 followed by your amount to 70070 – eg: ‘LPDD86 £5’ 

Little violin time… unlike many types of The Big C where survival rates are improving all the time – the prognosis for pancreatic cancer remains desperately poor. Pancreatic Cancer has the lowest survival rate of all the common cancer’s by far. Despite this, less than 2% of all money spent on cancer research in the UK is directed towards pancreatic cancer – this is really an area where every penny we can raise goes a long way!

Here’s a quick #DrawingDave to get us going….